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Our son has been asking a lot of questions about heaven lately.

“What does it look like?”

On his own, he has come up with the idea that when we go to heaven we become babies. I like that thought.

My own parents are in very good health. My grandparents on my mother side are still alive and my grandmother, 83 works full-time. I know that when we age we all want to stay in our home. I hope that we can provide the same opportunity for my grandparents.

A nursing home costs on average $3,000 a month, which is much more than a mortgage and much more than I would have ever thouhght to save for.

With the technology that is available, there are now more options for care. ACTIVE CARE has developed ways for people to stay in their homes for a fraction of the cost of sending a loved one to a nursing home.

I toured the Active Care smart home and was impressed by the options available.

The Active Care: Active One PAL is like a small cell phone that has “fall-technology”, which recognizes if a person falls and can alert the proper authorities. It also has GPS tracking and one touch conversation to an active care nurse.


Pal 1


HOME MONITORING: CareSpecialists actively monitor the well-being of our members while respecting their privacy and independence. Family members also enjoy peace-of-mind by staying connected to their seniors, knowing where they are and how they’re doing. Whenever a member needs assistance—to report an emergency or just to contact the hair salon—CareSpecialists are available at the push of a button. CareCenter staff also stay in touch with regular check-up calls and two-way video chats. With ActiveCare, mem- bers are close to the help they need and the people they love.

The PAL offers one touch communication to Care Specialists from anywhere at anytime. The PAL looks like a cell phone, but is easier to operate with large buttons and quick one-touch access to your family, friends, and ActiveCare’s 24/7 Care Center.

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