Sweet Tooth Fairy

Sweet Tooth Fairy

At Breathing Space Blogger retreat I was introduced to Megan from The Sweet  Tooth Fairy. Megan recently won the Cup Cake Wars with a yummy cream brule recipe.

She has started her own organization to help others called “Bake A Difference“. Megan said, “It seems like all of the opportunities I’ve had in my life occur because of the good graces and kindness of others. So, in essence, I want to bake it forward. The Bake a Difference initiative provides a way for all of us with The Sweet Tooth Fairy to express our love, appreciation and gratitude for everything we have.” I love that attitude!

My favorite are the cake bites…drool. You must try them if you haven’t.




Daybreak is a community on Kennecott Land in South Jordan. I was first introduced to Daybreak when my business partner build a home. The communities are focused around sustainability and green living. All homes are within a 5 minute walk to a park, community garden or shopping district.

For the last few months I have worked as a consultant for Daybreak and am so impressed with the community they have built there.

I’ve worked on a few projects, Breathing Space Blogger Retreat and the DIY Blogger house doing marketing and blogger outreach. It has been very refreshing to work with a company that is pro-social media.

My Favorite Shoes

My favorite shoes are Dansko. Have you tried them?

Dansko shoes are my favorite, read more to find out why.

About 6 years ago I injured my back at work and it has given me issues ever since. Through both pregnancies it was even more painful. While at the OB for my 6 month visit, my doctor had on the cutest pair of clogs. They were colorful and fun. I’d never seen clogs like that. The clogs I had when I was little were red and simple. My mom, a nurse, wore white clogs. Seeing these new clogs made me rethink my Danish tradition of clogs.

For Christmas I received a pair and the moment I put them on, my back and child bearing body thanked me. They are so comfortable and provide great support.

When looking for new shoes for the Evo Conference, I was pleased to find a more dressy/modern version of Dansko shoes.

These are my new favorite and have been wearing them almost daily!

To find a retailer near you, simply click here: Dansko Retail Stores

More about Dansko

Dansko is a Danish Shoe manufacture that started importing to the US in the 1990s (why had my family not considered doing this?!)


Jenny Lake is formed from glacial run off. A great family hike is up to Hidden Falls.

The hike actually starts with a boat ride across Jenny lake. It’s a little expensive, but worth the experience (and the saved time hiking around the lake, which is also an option. There is water available to fill water bottles at the Dock.


We packed a picnic lunch with our famous Hope Ranch Chilcken Salad to share with the family. {RECIPE}.


We spotted a small red fox and marmot at the top.


This hike is more steep but not a hard hike. This year I carried our daughter and found the only strain really to be hiking up on a few steep parts and the impact on my knees a little rough going down.

It’s a beautiful hike and one we do each year.


What to pack when staying in Colter Bay

What to pack:

Since I was about 13 we have been taking an annual family vation to Jackson Hole.  Jon’s family has the same tradition, so it was really fun when we married that we can continue this tradition. Now that we have two children we enjoy reliving our childhood memories through the eyes of our chidren.


We stay in Colter Bay in the Tent Cabins.


Packing for a trip to the Tetons is a little tricky because you want to prepare for rain, sun, water skiing, camping and hiking. The nights get below 45 and highs around 85.


Usaually when we go on vaction, we pack for eachday. But I would recommend to pack by activity. For example, if you know you will be hiking two days and biking two days you will want to pack four pairs of “active wear” clothes. I only brought one pair of active underwear under clothing this trip and they smell so bad I am ready to burn them.


For a 5 day trip in Jackson Hole this is what you need:



Pack and Play

Fleece sleeper

Snow pants

Warm fleece jacket

Fellece pajamas

Thermal underwear (or in our case tight fiting pajamas)

3 t-shirts (can also be used as undershirts)

3 long sleeved shirts that can be used as layers

2 pairs pants (including one pair jeans)



2 swim suits


Hat Gloves

Fleece booties

Down comforter

Sleeping Bag

Hiking/dirt shoes

Sandle/ water shoes

Sun hat

Fleece hat



Rain Jacket

Church outfit



Dirt shoes

Water shoes


Socks – lots of socks


Fleece Jacket

Rain jacket

2 Long sleeved shirts

5 t-shirts



Fleece pants

4 pairs shorts

Church shirt

Baseball hat/ sun hat

2 pair Warm socks for sleeping (ski socks)



2 pairs capri

1 pair yoga pants

1 pair shorts (for biking or as a swim cover up)

1 pair jeans

5 t-shirts

2 long sleeved shirts


Long johns

2 swim suits

1 biking outfit

3 pairs underwear + sports bras

3 pairs bras



Fleece jacket

Rain Jacket

Light weight jacket or sweater {loved my Lole jacket}


In addition, we packed:

Roll up mats for beds

Extra floor tile for concrete floors

Blow up mattress

Sleeping bags

Pillows for each child and adult

Personal itmes and toiletries

2 hiking backpacks – as much as we thought that our 4 ½ year old son would be find hiking a few miles, we were every glad that we had both backpacks. After he was bit by his mosquito bite it hurt him so badly that he could not hike.

Bankets for each individual


Snacks and food

– we packed way too many snacks. One bag of chips, even to share is more than plenty.

Bagles are good because they don’t get squished in the backpack. We’d tried out some bagle thins {LINK} this trip and really liked how they don’t take up as much room.

Carrots were perfect for crunching

We packed too much candy ( you really only need one bag of gummy worms)

We did not do any dutch oven cooking, though we had brought itmes to make cobbler.


Having a “snack pack” for the car would have been nice. The drive to each of the hikes is about 30-45 minutes and it would have been nice to have a few more healthy choices to fuel up before and after the hikes & rides. Again, organizing things by activity not by category. (having a bag for just snacks versus a bag for snacks, change of clothes).

A “dry” set of clothes would have also would have been nice. We were able to make due, but a dry set of underwear for the smaller children would have come in handy.


We packed a sunshade umbrella and a pop up tent that we didn’t use, but if we do string lake again these would come in handy
Sting lake – cathing minnows and swimming. This would be an excellent place to have paddle boards or inter tubes and spend the day hanging out together.


Mosquitoes are terrible up there and our son is extreeemly allergic and is young enough that he scratches them. He had a really bad reasponse to a mosquito bite that caused his entire leg to heat up, swell and later bruise.


Mosquito repelant

Mosiquito bands (we found these yellow bands that you wear at Wal-mart that last for 200 hours). I used them and found them to work, but had a hard time getting the kids to keep them on.

Mosquito cooling spray to ease pain after bites


Children’s benedril (costs $7 at the grocery store at Colter Bay)


Check REI for stronger Insect repellent

Sport Legs (this is the most incredible invention)


Intermountain LiVe wants to know, “How did you get active this summer?”

This summer has been filled with a bunch of great family adventures. We’ve gone on some great bike rides, hikes and have loved being together with our family. Being active is a great way for our family to connect in nature! I hope you’ve had a good summer too!

Intermountain LiVe launched a photo contest today and all you have to do is submit a photo of  how you got active this summer!

Simply go to the Intermountain LiVE Contest page, sumbit a photo, get votes and you could win a Go Pro Camera or a gift card to Dicks!

Intermountain LiVe "How did you get active this summer?"

Intermountain LiVe “How did you get active this summer?”


The GoPro camera is an amazing camera! If you haven’t heard about it before, it’s a blogger/mom’s dream come true. It’s durable for toddler/teenager use and shoots high def video! They retail for about $250, so it’s pretty exciting that they are giving away two of these cameras.

TETON NATIONAL PARK: Hike to Phelps Lake

Phelps Lake

The Rockerferllers recently donated their private land around Phelps lake and have made the most beautiful reserve. This is our familie’s favorite hike and one you won’t want to miss. It’s only about 1.5 miles. There are two trails, one throught the trees and forest and another that goes along the river, the woodland trail.


The Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve can be found by heading to Moose and taking the turn off right before the visitor center.
When you get there, expect to wait in line for 30-45 minutes. There are a limited number of parking spots to ensure a limited number of hikers at a time. If you have a hybrid car, you’re in luck. There are a few spots available for hybrid cars.


While we wait for a parking spot we gear up and get everything situated, get our sunscreen and bug spray on and use the bathroom. {A side note on the bathroom}


The hike ends at a Phelps lake with a view of the tetons and the lake.

It’s a fun hike, even if you get caught in the rain.



{Please note, this is not a paid review. We bought this child carrier and recived no incentive for field testing this product}

This year  on our annual family trip to Teton National Park, I carried our daughter on two hikes in the Osprey Poco pack. She’s about 30 pounds and it proved to be a good workout. The day before we left, we’d stopped at REI and purchased an Osprey pack.

I’d tested this pack out at the OR show in January and was impressed by it’s versatility and how lightweight it was. Carrying our daughter it fit me right on the hips and shoulders and she sat up well in it. One thing that I really liked about the way she sits in this pack versus our other one is that it is a seat and not a harness that pulls at their hips and makes them uncomfortable or cause hipdisplacia.

The backpack on the child carrier is below their legs instead of on the outside of the child carrier, which makes it feel more balanced.

The support bar is easy to retract when hiking.

The storage area is really nice how it is under where the child sits.


I like how the buckle is red making it easy to find.

I LOVE how the child sits on a seat instead of using a harness.

The only thing that I was really disappointed with the pack is there was not a sunshade. For all the hiking we were doing we really needed a sunshade and we were hours away from getting one. I’d like to get a sunshade for the pack and a rain cover for those surprise rain storms.


Visit Colter Bay, Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park

Visit Colter Bay, Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park

Colter Bay is located right on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. There is camping, cabins and tent cabins. There is a gas station, grocery store, laundry, showers and marina.

Jackson Lake was a natural lake, but was enlarged when the dam was built. The lake is primarily fed by the Snake River.

Our family has been going to Colter Bay for about 20 years thanks to our family friends the Dunn’s that shared their favorite spot with us. Both the Foss’ and Dalton’s have been going, but it’s just been the last few years that all of the Dalton’s are able to go together.

Here are a few of our tips for staying in Colter Bay.



Tent Cabins $55

We stay in the tent cabins. This year our numbers were 108-116.  We stayed in 112 but the one Steve and Elaine were in was ideal, I believe it was 114.


Cabins $70 – $230

Last year and the year before we stayed in the cabins, as I was pregnant and then had a new born baby. It’s not very fancy but does have running water, a shower and a heater. A little secret about the cabins is that there is a community lodge open to everyone staying there. It’s cosy and nice when it rains.


Camping & RV $57

X amount of camp spots, but they fill up quickly



At the marina you can rent canoes, take a breakfast boat tour or simply just enjoy the view. The marina has hot chocolate and a microwave. It’s kind of fun just to get a hot chocolate or cider and sit out in front. This year our daughter woke up at 6 and my nice was also up, so we headed down to the marina and watched the sun raise.


Our Favorite Places to Eat:

Buffalo Valley

o   Call ahead, place orders if you have a large group 307-543-2062

o   Bring a tri-pod to take picture or have server girl take pictures


Leeks Marina

o Serving Pizza, pasta and salads

Don’t eat at the Jackson LodgeGrill, it’s way too expensive (for the four of us to eat it was between $30-$50) it’s not very good.

o   Instead we’ll buy four packs of Digorno pizza




$5.00 with towel rental

A little secret that we’ve learned over the years is that you can swim at Jackson Lake Lodge (if you are staying in Colter Bay or at Jackson Lake Lodge) and then shower there. It’s usually a freezing cold shower that is outside, but it’s better than nothing.


Jackson Lake Lodge

The view from Jackson Lake Lodge is breath taking. This year when we were there, a wedding was taking place right in front of the mural windows.
Church services are also held at Jackson Lake Lodge. There is in LDS branch there as well as a non-denominational church. Each year over the 24th of July, the Jackson Hole Playhouse comes and gives the sacrament meeting; a combination of talks, testimoniy and song.


There are a number of over-priced gift shops, but it’s always fun for the kids to look through the stores.


WIFI is available at Jackson Lake Lodge and there are a number of outlets available. It’s a cosy place for playing cards on a rainy day or exploring the trail. Outside is the perfect place for a family pictures.

You won’t want to miss the Huckleberry Milkshakes served with a cherry on top. I have one milkshake a year and this is the one I wait all year for! If you’ve never tried huckleberry it tastes a lot like a cross between a blueberry and a blackberry. It is round and about a third the size of a blueberry (perfect for getting stuck inside a straw).


Visit Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park!


EVO CONFERENCE: Giving Back – My Mom It Forward Moment

Be sure to read all the evo posts: Working TogetherLetting GoIgnite, UnpluggedJoyMom It Forward Moment

I couldn’t write just one post about it, so I’ve broken it down by topic organized by the above. Enjoy!


I want to share my Mom It Forward Moment with you. 

Last year, after attending evo, I was able to donate the left over Huggies diapers to the women’s shelter. It was a touching thing for us to do as we had a brand new baby. The thought of little babies going with out simply broke my heart. Since meeting the Huggies team, I’ve held two diaper drives in our community.  

This year, after attending evo,  I was able to take the left over Pediasure and P&G suite items (make up, shampoo, styling products) from the conference. Then, with my two kids, we gathered up old toys and clothes and took a trip to Rescue Haven, the Salt Lake Women’s Shelter.
It was humbling to see the little playset outside the shelter and think of the children that play there. Then to think of my own children and how blessed we are.
The women were so grateful and the one woman that helped me unload the car was excited to see the covergirl make up and exclaimed that was the kind she wore. It was powerful how simple something like makeup can make use feel empowered and beautiful. How makeup can make a difference to someones life that is in transition. How as women, we all want to feel good about ourselves. 
As I got back in the car, with a heart very full, the Beatles song played through the radio speakers, “Love is all you need”. 

To me, that moment is was what evo this year was all about; giving and receiving and giving. I know this is what you stand for and what your team do every day. It was my Mom It Forward Moment and you know what? It felt really good.

Thank you for letting me be apart of something great. 

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