How does @theellenshow compare to @kathydalonslc?

It’s time to learn how to create infographics.

Since I don’t have mad Illustrator skills, I’ve been researching some free programs for creating infographics.

Here is an infographic I created for fun that shows @theellenshow ‘s twitter influence compared to mine:


You can compare your own twitter handle to someone elses by going to VISUAL.LY

Blickenstaffs Toy Store 12 Days of Christmas: On the First Day of Christmas… #blickenstaffs #christmas @blickenstaffs

Blickenstaffs toy store is hosting a fun 12 Days of Christmas giveaway series.

Today is the first day!

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Enter to win great prizes!

 Also, if you are heading down to the Gateway, be sure to check out the Lights for the “Starry Starry Nights Spectacular” it’s right next to Blickenstaffs

There are over  600,000 lights choreographed with the music of the Olympic Legacy Fountain.

Four show times nightly at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm

Believe: Letters To Santa Help @MakeAWish @Macys #Believe #Virginia #BeEverywhere

The two words “Dear Santa” stir up so many emotions.

Emotions of:




Christmas Morning

What do those words mean to you?


Writing letters to Santa has become a family tradition in our home.

You may have read that Santa is coming to Salt Lake in my prior post. To get ready to see Santa we wrote letters to Santa today.

Macy’s gives $1 to the  Make A Wish Foundation and have letters and a mailbox in their stores for easy delivery and writing. You can create an online letter.

This morning we wrote our letters to Santa. It was the perfect morning: cold and crisp outside it hinted of snow in the air.

Macy’s has these great postcards to use for writing your cards:


We used stickers and cut out magazine ads to tell Santa what he’d like.

The tree outside Fashion Place Mall was HUGE and beutiful. I think it’s the largest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen.

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Our son was very excited to deliever his card.

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Don’t forget: Santa comes to Salt Lake City on December 9, be sure to visit him tomorrow at Macy’s at Valley Fair Mall. To find if Santa is visiting a Macy’s near you, check their Santa Tour.


If you Believe and would like to connect socially:

– Facebook:

– Instagram:


A special thanks to the Be Everywhere Society for providing this opportunity. If you’re a blogger and would like more information on the Be Everywhere Society and how you can work with great comapnies like Macy’s shoot me an email and I’ll put you in contact with them imadanishmama (at) gmail (dot) com 

* I received compensation for this post. The opinions and thoughts are all my own. 

10 Linea App and photo book giveaway

The other morning two of my neighbor friends were over and we got to talking about how wonderful digital pictures are, but how we don’t print the pictures anymore. I was the Queen of Scrapbooking and have dozens of scrapbooks from my childhood, college and first 4 years of marriage. Scrapbooking was a creative outlet, but also part of our family history.

Brittany mentioned that she makes a photo book at the end of each year with all her favorite pictures. I’ve been meaning to do this, but haven’t found a program that I loved. The big hang up for me is that I don’t want to have to go to another website and upload pictures.

Linea Photo Line is a great a sollution. It’s a an app that you download and can print photo books right from your ipad, amazing, huh?
Danish Mama is hosting a giveaway for 20 readers! We get to test out the product for them and get a LEGEACYBox and instructions how to make your own MosaicBook! These books are fully customizable from cover to cover and their photo boxes are made of the very best archival material – a great way to save even the oldest of photos.
I agreed to participate in this campaign because I thought it would be a fun project for us to do together! All you have to do is download the app and upload your photos to create your MosaicBook. It’s easy to make and botht he book and the box will be delivered straight to your door.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

More about LINEA: 
While digital cameras have made capturing moments easier, it’s also allowed our photo collections to get a little out of hand. With Linea, a new photo app available on the iPhone and iPad, you can instantly and effortlessly organize and share all of your images. Simply upload your photos and Linea automatically curates them into professionally arranged Photo Lines, where each new Line turns your photos into a dynamic visual story. Sleek, easy and secure, Linea takes care of your memories so that you can go on making more.

Linea is the first iPad app to offer printing services. With the tap of your finger, you can turn your Photo Lines into professional-grade photo books that are mailed straight to your door.
Setting up your account is a snap! 
Go to the page and click the top right hand corner to create an account.

 Fill out your information and you can start using right away!
Another thing I really like about Linea is that you can invite other members to create the photo book. For example, when my father turned 60 we were trying to gather photos from all our family and it got messy with dropbox and different accounts. Linea can stream line the process in one place. 

Good luck and I’d love to see what you create with your new Linea photobook!

*Disalimer: I received compensation for hosting this giveaway. However, the opinions are my own and always try to give an unbiassed opinion. 

Minted Christmas Cards: $50 Credit Giveaway

Holiday Cards from 

Have you done Christmas cards for your blog? I want to send out cards to brands and pr companies I’ve worked with this year. Ideally, I wanted to create my own infographic, but I’m just to that savvy will Illustrator. But I did find these great infographic style cards on

I think these could be a really cute way to stay connected with people, don’t you?

There are also some really darling more traditional Christmas card options:

I like that their prices are really reasonable and can ship quickly!

MNinted is offering free recipient addressing with 15% off orders $150+, that means no more hand addressing for you!

Danish Mama readers can enter to win a $50 credit to be used for the Holiday Cards. SImply enter the Rafflecopter contest below.

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Travel Tuesday: Disneyland Review

Disneyland Review

Our children are at this point in time at the most beautiful ages. They will turn 5 and 2 in January. The last few months have been magical with them. They are happy. They get along. They play nice together.

Where has the time gone? I realize how quickly they are growing and changing right before our eyes. Baby Girl is no longer a baby and looks much more like a three year old than a baby. She has long legs and pigtails. Our son has this innocence and genuine honesty about life and the way he views the world right now. The way they view the world right now is magical. We wanted to take them to Disneyland and freeze these memories in time.

Honestly, you have not experienced Disneyland until you have done so through the eyes of a child.

I love the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse holding hands at the entrance of Main street, right in front of the castle. It’s like this path that you walk from Main Street back in time and are greeted in 1955 by Walk and Mickey as you enter into Fantasyland.

Our son believed. At every turn and ride  there were questions. “Is that the real Buzz?” or “I’m terrified of Zerg” and then “Mommy and I defeated Zerg”. In line for Star Tours , he was convinced we were going to inner space (you see, outer space is much to far away and too long to be gone from daddy). Everything he saw and experienced was real as if he were living it and experiencing it as his reality. The hippos on the jungle cruise ARE REAl.

Our daughter loved “mouse” and meeting Minnie Mouse was a highlight. We were at the ….Jamboree and Minnie came out and walked around with the kids. She colored with them and gave our daughter a kiss. Honestly, it was priceless.

Our son’s favorite part, in his own words was, “Seeing Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. And going to Cars land. I loved that zippy ride. But mom, make sure you take your sun glasses off so they don’t fall again!”

Upon our return, both my husband and I experienced similar conversations with parents, “Oh, you went to Disneyland. Was it torture?!” Oh how we wanted to shake these parents and say, “NO! We had the best trip ever and it was magical and the kids were amazing and we met Mickey and Minnie and we at lots of churros and we went on the best rides…” But they just don’t get it. We know that our contrary words would be in vain.

We could write a novel about our trip to Disneyland but for the purpose of this post, we will break it down to a few of our highlights and will include in depth details in future posts.

Highlights from Disneyland

–       Meeting Mickey and Minnie

–       Halloween in Disneyland is a must! It was so festively decorated. We did the Mickey Trick or Treat that allowed us access into the park at 4:00.

–       Cars Land is just like walking into the Radiator Springs. It’s a must!

–       How kind and helpful everyone was.

–       The Photo Pass photographer: it is a huge deal as the parent with the camera to actually BE IN the pictures and have pictures of all four of us together. We were able to hand a  point and shoot camera to the Disney photographer and capture their professional pictures as well as our candid ones. This service is FREE and added so much to the trip.

We’ll be sharing more Disney tips and advice on Travel Tuesday. Stay tuned!


Cast your vote for the @tinyprints talent search

Last week I posted about the darling Tiny Prints Christmas cards we were in the process of creating. We were able to design ours and are very pleased with how easy the process was ordering the prints.

Love Tiny Prints, too?

My friend Hillory needs your vote. Her family is up for “cutest family” category and let me tell you, this family is even cuter in real life. Our children are the same age and we love having play dates together. Hillory plays single mom two weeks out of the year while her husband travels for work. She does all this with grace and a good attitude with her darling three girls in tow.

If you’ll please vote for them: go to the link below and click on “cutes family” and find their picture.

The main page looks like this:

 and then you click on the  “vote now” banner
It took a while for it to load for me, but it should take you to a vote for the categories page and then vote for their picture
You can vote for one picture, per category, per day. The voting is open from December 3rd ’til December 16th!
Thanks so much!
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