At evo conference I connected with a great local company that has developed an innovate way to warm bottles. I was excited to field test their product during our trip to the Tetons because our 18 month old daughter still loves her bottle to be arm. We were camping and knew that warming a bottle would prove to be atricky challenge.

The {brand name} packaging is really nicely designed, I really like the cow print design for the sleeve.

The bottle sleeve did not fit our bottle, so we wrapped the warming part around the bottle, which seemed to adhere just fine.

However, the milk never got very warm.

I was really disappointed in this product because I think it ahas a lot of potential to resolve an issue that we deal with when traveling.

It’s always a rather stressful sitation when you havea tried screaming child you and trying to console and then to not have the bottle warm as expected added a fair amount of stress to the situation. Luckily, my husband was able to drive to the gas station and warm her milk in the microwave.

{First Steps}

Around 13 months, baby girl took her first steps.

Another milestone.

Another moment.

Thought you’d like to see:

{Milestones} Cutting baby’s curls

About three years ago we cut our sons long baby curls.

I did not know, at that time, what a milestone it was.

When we cut those lovely curls, I did not cry.

But three years later, knowing what that moment means in hindsight, I cry.

It’s a different day. A different time. My little boy at 15 months is now four.

He now walks and talks.

The song that reminds sums up my feeling is American Mouth: Flightless Bird. It’s overplayed, I know. But the song by Iron & Wine describes my feelings:

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube DanishMamaBlog

In 2007, at seven month pregnant I stood on hard concrete to listen to Iron & Wine. This was before Twighlight, mind you. There were only a few fans there. I believe that our son, in utero heard the songs and loved them too.

{Free} Nursing Cover

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{Giveaway} What expect when you’re expecting

Have you read the What To Expect When You’re Expecting book? I have used it as a guide for both of our babies. This book has become the bible for mothers nation wide. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the expecting experience.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting is coming out as a movie and I have a chance for you to see a pre-screening of the movie. When I was expecitng our first, I knew the benefits of taking prenatal vitamins. Women we’ve gotta take our vitamins!

Centrum Specialist® Prenatal is on the look-out for soon-to-be or new moms! Well, they have come to the right place.

What I did expect: 

– That I would be super tired

– Swollen feet

What I did not expect: 

– My crazy craving for grill cheese (though really it wasn’t a craving, just a justification to eat my favorite food)

– To attend only 1 of our 4 baby prep classes

– My water to break at 34 weeks



– Comment Below about what you did expect. For example: “During my pregnancy, I expect to develop a craving for carrots. I love carrots already so I imagine my little one will increase my appetite for them!”

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A new line of enhanced complete multivitamins that gives you all the benefits of Centrum plus additional support for what’s important to you.

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What to expect when you're expecting movie

What to expect when you're expecting movie

A look at love through the eyes of five interconnected couples experiencing the thrills and surprises of having a baby, and ultimately coming to understand the universal truth that no matter what you plan for, life doesn’t always deliver what’s expected.
The dude’s group makes me laugh!
The cast line up is fantastic:
What to expect when you're expecting movie

What to expect when you're expecting movie

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Centrum Specialist® Prenatal multivitamins. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Centrum Specialist® Prenatal as a product or its effectiveness.


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{Dedicated Post} Clorox: When Being Frugal With Kids Backfired

I consider myself to be a very practical person. I clip my coupons, purchase clothing when it’s 75% to wear for the following season in a size larger. It must come from my dad. We lovingly refer to him as “Practical Pete”.  He’s always got an attitude of doing what makes logical and practical sense.It’s good to be practical and frugal, but sometimes my practical “cheap” attitude back fires.

Two words: Potty Training.

The very thought of it makes me dizzy.

Potty training while pregnant may be the worst form of torture.

The smell.

The pee.

The poop.

The mess.

I was nauseous my entire pregnancy. The thought of cleaning up poop and pee was enough to make me gag. Seriously. I gagged so much it was embarrassing. It got to the point with potty training that I would gag about ten times and act like nothing happened, just work through it. Isn’t it funny the things that become “normal” for us when we’re pregnant?

Our son would even act out sitting in front of the toilet gagging. (Great example I am, huh?)

It was my goal to potty train our son before the baby came. I’d heard wonder stories of moms potty training their children in two days, like my old co-worker Sarah does. Our son was showing early signs of potty training and I was on a mission to fulfill my duty as a mother. This was it!

We started very excited. We were consistent. When messes happened, it was ok! We could do it. But surely, slowly, the potty training process wore me down. I was sick and felt terrible. My enthusiasm dwindled.

As part of the potty training process, I would bribe my son to go potty with cheap toys. Plastic frogs and lizards. They were fun to play with for about 5 minutes, but he would quickly lose interest.

For a while I kind of think he might have been out smarting me, just to get the toys. I found out that it costs a whole lot of money to potty train than I had budgeted. These toys were a total waste! Awk! My practical self had lost to bribing our child! I had lost.

What finally did the trick for us and potty training was taking a toy away each time he messed his pants. Then he could earn it back. This worked better for us because he seemed to understand the logic behind this much more and wanted to play with his cars.

Next time, I’m going with stickers and a trip to the store when they are potty trained and not buy the cheap toys!


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