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I love technology. It brings people together for great causes.

Last week Macy’s & Be Everywhere  coordinated an artisan interview with Haiti artisian Moro Baruk and two other bloggers.

Moro connected with Macy’s when a buyer for Macy’s found Moro on Facebook. This is a great social media case study for how social media can help in third world countries.

Moro has made masks and sold about 2,000 of them for carnival. These masks have also gotten the attention of Donna Karen. Moro now employes about 20 people. Half of them work in the factory and the other half work from home. Women are invloved and he sounds like a really great boss He said, “They walk in and out of production, tend to their family and meals” basically allowing them to come and go as need to care for their family.

When I asked Moro “How has your life changed since connecting with Macy’s?”, Moro replied, “It has added prestige to my business and made it so the workers are proud that their things are being sold in many department stores. It gives them a sense of belonging to something bigger than what they were doing before”.

Heart of Haiti


My favorite pick is the hand crafted vase:

Vanishing Bees

Bees are vanishing nation wide, read what we can do about it.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on an article about honey bees for Daybreak. During that time, I’ve become slightly obsessed with bees! Seriously, they are so cool. I’ve had all kinds of great bee words circling in my head  (bumble, buzz, swarm, honeycomb…don’t get me started) and even had twitter and facebook friends help me research the article for bee-like words.

I see why our forefathers named Utah the Beehive state. 

Have you ever thought of it?

“Most of the nicknames associated with Utah are related to the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, that first settled in the territory. Deseret, in The Book of Mormon is actually a honeybee. Early Mormon settlers have been described as having carried “swarms of bees” with them. This nickname commemorates the industry of the people of Utah. The beehive was adopted, in 1847, as an official emblem and represents the qualities of industry, perseverance, thrift, stability, and self-reliance, all virtues respected by the region’s settlers. The beehive is the centerpiece of the Utah State Flag and the Utah State Seal.” (Source: The State of Utah, an Introduction.)

The bee shortage has been on the decline since the 1940s but since 2006 billions of bees have died. This is due to a mirad of possible reasons, but from what I understand no one really knows why they are dying.  (Source: Why Are Bees Dying?)

There is a positive movement toward helping regain honeybees. Daybreak took action early on to keep their own bees on Kennecoott Land. (You can read more about what I wrote over there) {LINK}.


NATURE has an article with tips on “What you can do to help the bees“.

With all this reading and research, I’m now convinced our neighbor hood needs a bee coloney (that would be perfect in the field behind our house). So, I found the Salt Lake Bee Ordinance and it looks like Salt Lake residents CAN keep bees, if it’s in accordance with the laws.

Bee Pinterest Board, don’t mind the apostrophe in there ;)


Do you have any bee related activities? I’d love to link to them from here :)

Our favorite bee movies and books:

Bee & ME

 The Bee Movie

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Kidd Monk

I have not read this one, but think it looks like a must have for a bee keeper:

The Bee Keepers Bible

This also look intriguing:

The Queen Must Die

Tillamook Loaf Love Tour + 3 Children’s Hogle Zoo Passes

For our afternoon adventure we headed over to our local Fresh Market to check out the Tillamook loaf love tour. I mean come on, who doesn’t love free cheese samples?


It was fun to see the cheese van. Very tiny. Not sure if they really drive it or not.
The kids were wearing orange and blue, perfectly matched with the Tillamook brand! (I promise, it was not planned)


We got to try some yummy cheese samples that H & J loved.

The gals working there were really cute with the kids and gave up fun props like lips and a mustache

As a mom, I was excited for coupons!


We were thrilled to find Huckleberry ice cream (or favorite to eat in the Tetons)


We bought three different flavors and had a Tillamook ice cream party back at our house.


Ice Cream.








I’ve got three children’s zoo passes to the Hogle Zoo. All you have to do is comment below by answering

“What is your families favorite Tillamook product?”

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