{Breathing Space Blogger Retreat} Day 2: Cooking Class with The Food Nanny

The Food Nanny author of “The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner” taught the cooking class at Breathing Space.

These lovely photos of the class are taken by Jenny K Photography, one of my new BFF’s.

Since having children, cooking at home and eating dinner together has been a priority. I have really tried to make an effort over the last three years, since I’ve been home full-time, to cook more. I’ve often wanted to take a cooking class, but didn’t really know where to start.

“There is no more important time than dinner. It’s where you grow up with your family. Bounce your soul to. Gather together.”

I had the thought while she was speaking of “Meet & Eat” and designed this little image:

The Food Nanny is all about eating meals together and that dinner time the foundation of the day. She is big into meal plans. Early on she met with a nutritionist and it changed her paradigm.

A few key tips the nutritionist shared with The Food Nanny:

1. Red meat back to back not healthy

2. Fresh fish 1-2 times a week – Started with frozen to get use to it

3. Pasta back to back can’t do that

4. Meatless meals 1-2 times

5. Bread with every meal, bad habit

She went on to explain that it’s all about portion control. That meat should not be the main center of the meal. She said to, “Push your plate back before you are full” which is something my grandmother always did.

Having a constant dinner time is key. Did you know that you consume 30-50% more calories when eating out?

Cook 5 nights a week, take 2 off (ave family eating out 5 times a week)

The Food Nanny swears by French baguette & Pizza dough. She has a funny obsession with arugalla, too that made me laugh!

{Breathing Space Blogger Retreat} I have all these business cards, now what?


After attending two blog conferences in 2 weesk, I’ve accumulated a nice stack of business cards.

But what do I do with all these business cards?

1. Build a card house with them

2. Save them for kindling in case of an emergency

Ok, seriously. This is what I do:

1. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Follow their blog via RSS feed, google reader or sign up for their newsletter.

3. Read their latest posts, comment on their blog!

3 . Write them a little note and say what a pleasure it was to meet them. You can do this via email or facebook.

4. Stay connected! Continue to have conversations, see if there are opportunities to support and help each other.


Organizing your business cards: 

1. I put all my business cards in a 3 ring notebook for safe keeping.

2. I found some nice businesscard sheet protectors on Amazon.

3. I don’t always have time to put them in the business cards protectors and will place them in a large sheet protector for safe keeping.

4. Then when I have time I put them in business card holders.


Do you have any tips or ideas on staying connected after you meet at a conference?

{Breathing Space Blogger Retreat} Day 1: Registration

This weekend, I played house in Daybreak at the Breathing Space Blogger Retreat.

When you drive into Daybreak there is an automatic feeling of being somewhere different. The colorful houses greet you with a warm hello!

Daybreak hosted us in their model homes  with 74 other blogger friends! It was a very fun experience and I’ll be sharing the experience over a few posts, because there is simply too much to write about. We were able to meet other bloggers, connect with brands and learn great things as well as shop at Oh Sweet Sadie! and Oopie Daisy in SoDa Row.

The event was masterminded by:

Aly Brooks//Event Director 

BLOG: www.styleplease.com

TWITTER: @thealybrooks


Courtney Carlson//Decore & More

BLOG: www.BEAUCOURT.wordpress.com


Cobilynne Dickenson//Logic & Logistics

TWITTER: @thecobilynne


Day 1: Registration

After we registered, we were treated to yummy popcorn and sweet swag! (More from our amazing sponsors later).

{Fitness} 1 Pound Away

(image curtesy of Animal Scale) 

This morning as I got on the scale.

I was shocked.

I’m only one pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I think the shock comes from the fact that I’ve been working very hard the last few months to reach the goal, but I still don’t feel like I’m back to where I thought I was. Jeans still are tight and my tummy is still a blob. But I feel good.

I think the thing that helped snap me out of my rut in March was signing up for the Color Me Rad 5K with the Breathing Space team. {All attendees get a pass to the race} Check out COLOR ME RAD:

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube DanishMamaBlog

For me it’s just been getting out and running. When I go to the gym, I’ve noticed that I don’t go with a goal in mind. I usally go to “run” or “lift weights” but it’s never specific with a time limit or how many reps.

I’d love to have you join me at the race and at Breathing Space!

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