Family Night Out this Monday Nov. 26 from 6:00-8:30 #givingtuesday

Looking for a way to help your children catch the spirit of giving together as a family? Well, I’ve got a great Family Night Planned.

As part of a national initiative with the The United Nations Foundation and Mashable, I’m helping coordinate the event locally in Utah together with Mom it Forward, Daybreak and the Dairy Council of Utah.

Join us for a special Family Night Out this Mon., Nov. 26 from 6:00-8:30 p.m. (come & go!). We’re tying blankets for Primary Children’s Hospital. It’s a great way to give more than we get :)

Friends and family are welcome. Feel free to share the invite. RSVP here:

To learn more about #givingtuesday  you can visit their website and follow the hastag #givingtuesday on twitter.

New Danish Mama Design Unveiling & Vote For New Header

Hi friends,

Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve been working with a fun designer in Australia that I found on Etsy and am going to unveil the new design for Danish Mama.





The color scheme ended up going in a different direction than originally planned (red and blue) but fell in love with it!


I’d love your help picking a header, please vote for #1 or #2:





{Announcement} I’m writing a book and would like to interview you!

Over the last few months I’ve made some cryptic posts about odd research I’m doing. For example: The History of the Homemaker and taking polls as to wheather the term “homemaker” is offensive.

I’m this extra day to officially announce that I’m writing a book.

But more importantly, I’m looking for super stars to interview. Interested?


Since 5th grade, I’ve always wanted to be an author. I knew there was a book inside me. I shared this with my friend Renee once and she said, “Well, that must be painful”. I always knew it would be business related.

My background is in marketing, advertising and product development. I am passionate about social media and the way it influences our purchasing decisions.

Five years ago I created a Word of Mouth Association at the company I worked for. I have been impressed with the power of word of mouth and have seen how it has been magnified with social media and is revolutionizing the way we connect, communicate and make purchasing decisions.

What started out as a blog post, has led to a consulting company and a book.

Announcing: Word of Mom(TM)
Media: Consulting company that connects bloggers and businesses. The webpage is just a place holder right now.

Book: A resource for businesses to grow their social media strategy, market to moms (specifically how to work with bloggers), connect with moms and build viral campaigns that get results. The book is in outline form, about 30 pages. The intention is to publish in paper but the main focus is in digital form (eBook).

Book: Collaboration
This is an opportunity for collaboration. Since leaving my fancy corporate job, I have been impressed by the support and power that comes when women collaborate. That’s why having you a part of this project is so key. It’s not about me and my experience, it’s about you and what you are doing.

The intention is to include personal stories in regard to you as a blogger, a business owner or working with brands. If there is an area that you feel passionate about or would like to be an expert on, let me know.

I hope to be something you will be proud to have your name and reputation tied to. By featuring you in the book, I hope that it will provide an opportunity for you to share your experience, brag about it on your blog as well as get our name out to businesses.

Media: Consulting
That’s were the media side comes in. I believe that small-medium businesses will want to work with this fantastic group of experts and see consulting projects or direct business opportunities for you.

Since it’s focused on the word of mouth principle, I hope that you can share your experience with the readers and help spread the word.

Next Steps
1. Yes or no? If this is something you’d like to be apart of then respond back and let me know. I’ve set up a FB group for this project that I’ll invite you to.
Areas of expertise – if there is a specific area you’d like to be a part of let me know.
Any questions?

Thank you for your support and helping this dream become a reality!

Feel free to contact me with questions:
imadanishmama (at) gmail (dot) com


Sweet Boy

Since having our darling daughter, our son has been amazing. He really has been so sweet to her.

He is active, like any three year old. Loves to play sports and play with his Pixar Cars. He’s creative and makes up songs about Despicable Me and the solar system.

He’s been patient with the new adjustments in our routine.

He’s our first and he made us parents. As my sister is due any day with her first, it has given me some time to think back on our journey as parents over the last three years. More than anything, I am grateful, on a daily basis that I get to be my son’s and daughter’s mother.

I learn from them. The way the see the world, the way he questions everything. He is really into colors right now and when ever we are in the car he wants to know what two colors mixed together make. “Mama, what does purple and green make?” or “Mama, what does orange and orange make?”

He makes up his own words like kablutchy (the sound the the clouds make when it starts to snow). He quotes movies, “There’s a girl back there”, from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

I love these moments. I love being a mom and love sharing our every day moments.

Merry Christmas

Hello friends, just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I’ve taken a major step back from blogging and working the last few weeks to focus attention on cooking this baby. It looks like it’s working! We will be 37 weeks on Sunday. Never thought we would get this far 9 weeks ago.

It is a Christmas Miracle by all standards. Thank you all for your love and support. We are so blessed as a family to have such great friends like you.

Danish Mama Stats

I’m a nerd. But you’ve probably already figured that out. I geek out over Google Analytics and loved learning today what countries my readers are from.

I was especially happy to see that we have a few readers in Denmark! Mange Tak!

Here is a map of what cities they are coming from:

Danish Mama Vodka

When I named this blog, I wanted it to be a representation of me.

Little did I know there is a Vodka named “Danish Mama” as well.

I like this article written by Linda on Design Bridge. I’m not sure you really want to be thinking of your mama while you’re drinking do you?

Danish Mama Vodka

You can also check out the Mama Vodka link here

Move Over Rice Crispy Treats, Hello Cheerios Craisin Crispy Treats

Cheerio-Craisin Crispy Treats


1 Small box Cheerios
1 Large bag mini marshmallows
4 TBS Butter
2 Cups craisins

After sampling 1/2 a cup of mini marshmallows (to test that they are not stale, even though you just opened the bag). Poor bag of mini marshmallows in large pot, add 4 TBS butter. Melt on medium heat and stir.

Slowly add Cheerios. Continue mixing.

Slowly add Craisins.

Poor contents into a sprayed glass pan. TIP: I like to put tinfoil in the pan and spray the pan. It makes for easy clean up and storage.

WARNING: This makes for an easily justifiable breakfast. DO NOT, repeat DO NOT eat the entire pan. I like to keep a “sample spoon” ready to “test” the consistence of the treats to be sure they are cooling correctly.

Great ideas! Add Chocolate. Thanks Cheerios for commenting :)

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