{Fitness} 1 Pound Away

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This morning as I got on the scale.

I was shocked.

I’m only one pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I think the shock comes from the fact that I’ve been working very hard the last few months to reach the goal, but I still don’t feel like I’m back to where I thought I was. Jeans still are tight and my tummy is still a blob. But I feel good.

I think the thing that helped snap me out of my rut in March was signing up for the Color Me Rad 5K with the Breathing Space team. {All attendees get a pass to the race} Check out COLOR ME RAD:

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For me it’s just been getting out and running. When I go to the gym, I’ve noticed that I don’t go with a goal in mind. I usally go to “run” or “lift weights” but it’s never specific with a time limit or how many reps.

I’d love to have you join me at the race and at Breathing Space!

{Fitness} Theme Song

There is a rather silly children’s cartoon, Jungle Junction, where all the characters are animals on wheels. They have an obnoxiously catchy theme song that always makes me think, “Gotta Run, Gotta Run”.

This has become my mantra when I need a little help getting out the door. If I don’t work out the song plays guiltily in my head until I run.

Viewer be warned: this video is highly obnoxious and will get stuck in your head.

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{Fitness} Operation take back my body

It’s a sad day when you realize you need spanx.

I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately.

Hoping to hide my belly roll.

But I have no one fooled.

This time around, my body hasn’t been as forgiving. I still have a good 5-10 pounds to lose. Baby girl will be a year, last time I was already down to my pre-pregnancy weight. But this time around I was on bedrest for 2 months prior.

My muscles atrophied. I had to build all my muscle back.

I feel like I’m getting to a good place with my muscles. Thankfully, I’ve got good friends that keep me motivated, going to the gym and going for walks.

So, today as I put on spanx for the first time, to re-squish my belly roll, I’m taking a step to take back my body. I’m recommiting to my goal and creating a weekly and daily plan to reach it. There is no diet involved here, just the simple equation of fewer calories in= more calories out. Diets are a short term solution to a long term problem.

I’m ready for solving the long term problem.

Stay tuned.


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