We had a fun night at KSL with a bunch of bloggers last week. It was so nice of them to host us. I only took pictures while we were in the radio booth, but we also got to be on air. It was a very fun night and I loved seeing old friends and making new friends.

In the radio booth


Mom it forward team & NakedJen

KSL Studio 5 – Love List

I love to make new friends, especially mama’s that are in the baby industry. Today I had the opportunity to feature Little Stinker™ baby butt spray (www.LittleStinkerUSA.com) and made some great new mama friends.

Check out these great products and blogs!


Baby Bunting with Blankie and Burp Cloths
Bunting; $26, Blankie; $36, Burp Cloths; $14
Entire Set; $70 (10% discount)

This sister duo has been sewing cute baby gifts out of their home. Hotch Potch, a Dutch term, means “jumbled mixture” which is what they do, a little of this and a little of that.

Necktie Onesies; $18

Bobbi started her Esty shop after her kids gradated High School. She loves to sew and blog.

I love these little necktie shirts. I think they would be adorable for my son to wear at church.

Baby Booties; $12

Sarah is a fantastic knitter and has been knitting since she was in her teens.

These cute booties have been featured on the ELLEN SHOW twice!

Help support these locally owned businesses.

Kathy D

A Model Husband


My hubby was a jeans model on our morning show Studio 5 yesterday. My hubby is the last guy with the red shirt! His buddy Ryan Dunyon (guy #3) wife works for KSL and needed some support. Nice that Ryan gave him a ski pass as a thank you!

And yes, he is a model husband (pun intended). He is a great husband and father.

Now if we could just Patagonia to sponsor us!

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