Power of Mom

I’m part of a learning circle called POWER OF MOMS that I wanted to share with you.

It’s a great place that I’ve found to connect with other moms. It is refreshing for me to find a place where I can fill my well and focus on being a better parent.

They have monthly meetings where other moms gather and discuss topics. This month the topic is PATIENCE. It’s been good to think about this discussion over the last month because it i an area that I need to work on (who doesn’t?)

Make it Work Mom

Moms Who Make it Work Kathy Dalton

I love my “online” friends. (I use quotes because they are real friends just more computer savvy). In Utah I’ve met a great network of moms that I can relate to and have been so blessed by their support.

One of those people is Camille at Make it Work Mom. She has become a great friend this past year. We met IRL for the first time filling swag bags at the #CBC10 conference this summer.

I was honored when she asked me to be featured on her blog as one of the mom’s that make it work. I’ve always looked at the women featured on there as these superstar women (on and off line) that I wanted to be like.

To be honest, it was good timing and the break I needed to focus my attention else where. We were in the middle of confussion over Baby Girl and it was a welcome distraction to focus on the interview questions.

I feel so blessed to be surounded by great people like Camille and other mama’s that Make it Work!

Thank you for the feature! You can read it here : Moms Who Make it Work Kathy Dalton

Mama don’t blog

Dear friends,

I am alive.

In case you were wondering why on earth I haven’t blogged in almost a month, we’re expecting number two and I’ve been sick as a dog.

Please forgive me.


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