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The Hasbro Elves from Santa’s workshop deliver Kre-o Transformers for our children to test! @HasbroNews #hasbrokreo #transformers #christmas #review

Pst…the Hasbro Elves from Santa’s Workshop arrived at our house and asked the kids to test out their Kre-o Transformers.

Watch this video to see what they think of Kre-O Transformers:

As part of the Hasbro’s KRE-O Tranformers Blog Tour we were sent three boxes to review and as you saw in the above video, it was a huge success.

What we loved about the Kre-o Transformers:

– Colorful pieces

– Box picture was fun and told a story.

– The box can be reused to store the toys in

– Provided HOURS of fun (this is really important to me: when looking at toys for our children I like to compare the dollars spent compared to the houses of use. I call it “cost per use”.)

– Instructions were very simple and easy to follow

What we didn’t love:

– The construction workers faces are pretty burley

– The big box contained almost 600 pieces and really wish they could come pre-sorted by color

More about Kre-o Transformers

Hasbro’s KRE-­‐O TRANSFORMERS sets lets your kids build Transformer characters in two ways: a robot or a vehicle – using the same bricks!

Each set also comes with KREON figures (mini figs) that are called Autobots and Decptioncons.

Kre-O Transformers sets make great presents and stocking stuffers.

We enjoyed playing atih the Kre-o Transformers and it was a fun activity for us todo together. We spent the whole day orgaizing pieces, playing with the KREON Figures, making our own mini movies and most importantly, spending time together!


We took the small Cycle Chase set up to my moms house and our son played with the set while I cleaned and made lunch.

We love that the box can be reused and is a great way to store the pieces when you’re done playing.

The smaller sets are great for younger kids too, that might not be ready for the big sets.

Our son made his own video:

The Battle for Energon set includes pieces to build two Transformer characters – heroic Optiums Prime and evil Megatron – all in the same set.

The Deconstructor Site Devastator set is the ULTAMITE gift for advanced builders ages 8 and up. Our son had no problem following the “constructions”, as he calls them, to make his own vehicles. What we were really excited about with this set is that we can build four construction vehicles, four Constricticon robots or one big Decepticon robot Devastator. Our son wanted each of us (because there are four of us in the family) to pick out which vehical they wanted to make.

The KREON Micro-changers Mystery Bags make the perfect stocking stuffer. For only $2.99 , each mystery bag contains random KREON figure, which can also convert into an alternate mode like a jet or insect!

Connect with Kre-o Transformers

KRE-­‐O Transformers Website -­‐

KRE-O ­‐ Transformers Facebook Page-­

Hasbro’sTwitter Account


Disclaimer: I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and hasbro partnered in support of this campaign. Hasbro compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


{Silver Smoke} Blog Tour

This is my first blog tour and I’d like to give a special shout out to Monica Leonelle for including me on the tour! I believe in supporting other entrepreurnes. I also love that I can read this on my iPhone by simply downloading the Kindle app! I have downloaded this and am so looking forward to reading this later this evening! I’ll post a review when I’m done.

The best part is that by entering this giveaway you can enter for a chance to win your own Kindle! *Squee*

To celebrate the release of a new novel to the Seven Halos series, author Monica Leonelle is doing a Kindle Fire giveaway for Silver Smoke, the first novel in the series! Silver Smoke is the highly-rated (4.8 stars on Amazon) debut novel about the Hallows and the Nephilim, the descendants of archangels and humans. Here’s a description of the book:

Brie van Rossum has fame, fortune, and beauty, but there’s one thing she doesn’t have–the name of her mother’s supernatural killer.
The Hallows, descendants of the archangels, don’t think Milena was murdered.. but can Brie trust them when their government, the New Order, wants her dead?

She’d better figure it all out soon…

… because when Brie finds out who she really is, the hunt will begin.

And Milena might not be the only casualty.

Like mother, like daughter…

Contest dates:

December 15th thru December 31st (a little more than 11 days, but who’s counting?)

Easy ways to enter:

  1. (3 entries) Blog about this contest and forward a link to (see copy + paste instructions for the contest below)
  2. (5 entries each) Forward a receipt of purchase of the Silver Smoke ebook (buy for yourself and/or a friend) to (Note: You may do a screen shot and black out any personal info if you prefer.) Purchase the book at:
  3. (10 entries each) Write an honest Amazon and/or B&N review of Silver Smoke and send a link to


Grand Prize Winner: Kindle Fire (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
2nd Place (two winners): Kindle Touch (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
3rd Place (three winners): Kindle (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
Special Bloggers-Only Winner* (for blogger entrants – must enter via the web form): Kindle Fire (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)

Winners will be selected using on January 1, 2012 and announced on How To Be An Author by January 2, 2012.

*To enter the Bloggers-Only drawing (in addition to the regular drawing), you must forward a link to your post to AND add your name to this bloggers-only email list (not for promotional purposes… just an easy way to distribute promised items):

{I’m sorry} A retraction to my readers

Dear Reader,

I’m sorry. I wrote something in an earlier post that I need to take back. Unfortunately, on the interweb there is no backspace button. What’s posted is posted.

When I write a review or share a product or service I enjoy it’s because it’s something I believe in and really use.

Last month, I wrote a post about a product that I believed in and was genuinely excited about: Highlights for Children. I was especially excited about this because I had Highlights books growing up and loved reading them in doctors offices.

We got our first issue of Puzzle Buzz and then our second. They are great books. Our son loves the books, that’s not the issue.

The issue is that Highlights did not fully disclose their payment method. Highlights advertises that for $13 you too can enjoy these wonderful books. I assumed that pricing was for the year. Not bad, I thought for  years worth of books. Something that my son was looking forward to. However, the find print is that it’s $13 per month. I found this out after receiving an additional invoice after already paying my $13. I find this kind of advertising as dishonest and it left me feeling taken advantage of. I know these methods are widly used in “clubs”, “autoship” and other organizations. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t like that it wasn’t clear that it would be $13 a month for 12 months ($156 for a yearly subscription).

When I contacted the representative at Highlights they were very kind and took care of the issue. They even refunded me the payment.

So the lesson learned is read the fine print.

I’m disappointed that my son will no longer receive these fun books in the mail, especially the Puzzle Buzz books.

I’m also disappointed that I had shared something online with you that I thought was worthwhile and worth mentioning.

I’m sorry, please accept my apology.

Moon Dough Review

I’m not a fan of Play Doug because it cracks and gets messy everywhere. I was super excited when I saw Moon Dough advertise a “revolutionry new dough…soft and super smooth dough that never dries out”. The commercial looked really fun and I was excited to see that it was a product of Sweden.

While looking for a birthday present for my niece last Friday I saw the Moon Dough promoted for a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal and I though, “Let’s give it a try”. My niece was thrill by her gift. She told me they have it at her Kindergarden but she did not own any herself. We hadn’t tested it out until today.

First off, the dough is smooth and soft but crumbles everywhere.

Second it has an off smell.

Third made a huge mess. Being 6 months pregnant, I am not thrilled about bending over to clean up little clumps of dough from the floor and carpet.

However, my son LOVED playing with it. He spent a good 30 minutes playing with it and wanted to pay with it again after his nap.

I give this product one star out of five because it entertained my son, but I would not recommend this product or purchase it again.

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